Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top 5 Value Hockey Sticks

We recently wrote an article on the Top 5 Hockey Sticks, but of course, they were also some of the most expensive, so we decided to write an article on some sticks that give you great bang for your buck.  So here are the Top 5 Value Hockey Sticks.  Enjoy!

5.) Warrior Dolomite
The Dolomite is one solid piece of stick, and when it was released made quite a big buzz and rightfully so.  Th e Warrior Dolomite is relatively cheap at $109.99, but also the most expensive stick on this list.  It features great durability, with an extremely light weight for a stick of its price at only about 500 grams.  It was considered, when it came out to be one of the best sticks on the market, and it was, but now with new technology this stick was surpassed.  But that might not be such a bad thing, because this stick still has great performance for a very low price.  The only downside about this stick is the crazy graphics, I have never been a fan of the Warrior graphics concept.
4.) Winwell GX8
The Winwell GX8 may not be a very common stick, but boy is it worth the price.  At only $99.99 this stick way outperforms its cost point.  At only 490 grams, this stick is already to light to be a sub $100 stick, but also to have great feel and be very durable, this is just to much.  The GX8 also looks quite nice, a simple matted grey with chrome lettering, a clean look.  The blade is much like that of the TotalOne, without the same core technology, but same matted material.  All in all, the Winwell GX8 is great bang for your buck, and definitely deserves more recognition in the hockey world.
3.) Bauer Supreme One60
The Bauer Supreme One60 is one of the more underrated sticks out there.  It lurks in the shadow of the TotalOne and APX, but deserves a little recognition in the world of hockey sticks and is ultimately, a great stick at a superb price of $97.99.  The One60 offers many of the same great features of the TotalOne, including the Aero Foam Core, though it uses Aero Foam II, while the TotalOne uses Aero Foam III, but the technology remains top of the line and makes for a very responsive and durable blade.  It also has the same mid kick point and power taper to really give you that extra pop on slapshots and one-timers.  All things considered, the Bauer Supreme One60 is a great buy for anyone looking for a mid priced stick with good performance.
2.) Combat 45 Caliber
Another stick that is not a very well known one, but the Combat brand rules Russia and is used by some NHL players, including Jaromir Jagr.  The Combat 45 Caliber is probably the most responsive stick on this list, stickhandling with this stick is a dream.  The 45 Caliber is extremely light and very pure feeling.  It definitely could be priced much higher than $99.99, but once again, the brand is not as well known, so the price stays lower.  Combat also makes a very nice looking stick, utilizing a nice black white and silver color scheme, nothing too extreme, but an accepted change from the norm.  The Combat 45 Caliber is great stick for any offensive minded player with a middle range budget.
1.) Easton Stealth 65S
The Easton Stealth 65S is probably the most complete stick on this list, it is reliable, durable, responsive, nice looking, and priced low.  The performance of the 65S much resembles that of its father stick, the Easton Stealth RS, with the only significant difference being an increase in weight, but it is still one of the lightest sticks on this list at around 500 grams.  It has an elliptical taper with a low kick point for optimal responsiveness.  The Easton Stealth 65S is also made with a combination of Kevlar and Carbon, so it remains lightweight, but very, very durable.  The blade is made with a multi-rib design so as the shooter releases, the blade stays closed to insure the shot goes just where the shooter wants it to.  The Easton Stealth 65S is, what we think, the best value you can get in a hockey stick with a price of only $99.99.

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